Give control of the yard back to play time! 
- a safe, shock absorbing surface
- a surface that is quickly dry after rain
- easy to install grass over any surface
- grass with a long-life expectancy
- non-slip, non-stain, non-fade grass
- multi-coloured and fun grass courtyards!
- no more maintenance green areas
image of a safe school courtyard with SchoolsGrass


Transform boring concrete or tarmac courtyards with our Schools Grass
Why not give purpose to that boring (and unsafe!) concrete courtyard?
Use it for play, an outdoor classroom, or, perhaps a reading or sensory play area instead!
Our grass can be laid directly over tarmac or concrete, and provide a safe and fun space for students and teachers alike.
image of a safe courtyard with SchoolsGrass
image of a safe courtyard with SchoolsGrass
image of a safe courtyard with SchoolsGrass


Bring colour and fun back into breaktime!
We can incorporate benches and planters
We can design and install accompanying outdoor furniture and planter boxes to help bring your school courtyard to life.
What you could be using your courtyard for (with our grass);
  • An outdoor classroom
  • Courtyard reading area
  • 'Chill-out' zone
  • Outdoor chess (or other board games)
  • A sensory zone for kids
  • Also, paths, alleys, low sunlight areas
image of a safe, special needs sensory playground with SchoolsGrass
Real Customer Testimonial

We haven't had to open the first-aid box since we got the grass

Matthew Swain
Principal - Phoenix Park Special Needs School


Divine National School - Lucan. Co Dublin
Divine National School AFTER Schools Grass install
The School yard should be a fun and engaging space for kids!
Here is an example of how we took a plain old courtyard in a National School in Lucan, Co.Dublin and added a bit of colour and games to our Schools Grass install.


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